5 Safety Apps That Will Help Your Family in Emergencies

Safety Apps That Will Help Your Family in Emergencies

Disasters and emergencies can strike anywhere and if you are not prepared enough, these catastrophes can leave you and your loved ones in the brink of death. As we have no control over these types of situations, our best recourse is to prepare ourselves for the unlikely event that they do happen.

Protecting your family during emergencies is something that we all need to take seriously. Thankfully, technology has given us a brand new means of safeguarding our loved ones during the times when disasters strike.

The introduction of mobile and computer applications that are specifically geared towards aiding those in emergencies have helped tens of thousands of users to stay in touch with their family while at the same time call for help. More importantly, these apps also give instant access to vital information that can save your life and those that you love.

Rather than get caught unprepared, it is best to equip your mobile devices with these specialized applications that are sure to come in handy if and when disaster happens.

1. ICE (In Case of Emergency) Information Storage

Designed to store all emergency contact information, this application is best kept on your homepage for easy access. It acts as a directory of who to contact in case of an emergency so that you or someone else can easily notify concerned institutions and family members when needed.

2. First Aid by American Red Cross

Available for both Android and iPhone users, this application can be your lifeline during emergencies as it contains critical information and tips on how to perform first aid and on what to do if in case an earthquake or hurricane hits your home. As this data is all pre-loaded, you won’t need to connect with the Internet to access all these self-help facts.

3. RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert

Experiencing a car breakdown in the middle of an unfamiliar road can be very unnerving. Fortunately, the RepairPal Auto Repair Expert App allows you to call for roadside assistance through their toll free phone number. Additionally, this app also grants access to manufacturer hotlines as well as nearby auto mechanic shops.

4. GotoAID First Aid

The fact is that a simple trip to the beach or a family gathering at home can be interrupted by a medical emergency at any moment. Learning how to perform CPR and other first aid techniques is your best line of defense. With a step by step guide on how to act in emergency situations, all you need to do is to keep calm and carefully follow the instructions to save your loved ones’ from imminent threats. Apart from this, the GotoAid First Aid app also has its own ICE (In Case of Emergency) folder to store all pertinent contact details and information. An additional “Help” button immediately loops you with detailed listings of all contact information and directions of nearby hospitals, police stations, pharmacies and the like.

5. SAS Survival Guide

If you are the outdoor adventurer type then you definitely need to have this application installed in your phone. The SAS Survival Guide gives you a crash course on anything and everything you need from building temporary shelters to surviving a plane crash.

With these apps, you can rest easy knowing that you are loaded and ready to take on any and all kinds of emergencies.

Mandy is a writer for http://www.onlinenursingdegrees.org/ and long time advocate of family emergency preparation. Sit down and create a plan with your spouse and children so everyone knows what they can do to help and be safe.