4 Ways To Exercise Your Mind And Increase Your Mental Muscles

Exercise Your Mind And Increase Your Mental Muscles

Walk into any gym in the country and you’ll see people picking up huge pieces of iron and lifting them up and down. They will look like their face is about to explode and their eyeballs will nearly be popping out of their head. And this isn’t something that happens occasionally. People spend nearly all their life in the gym lifting iron. What’s the point? I’m not saying it’s wrong to lift weights, not in the slightest. I’m just wondering why people need to lift things that are so heavy they would have no carryover into real life situations.

Then you look at all the people who are suffering from a mental illness. It doesn’t need to be anything too serious. Things like stress, anxiety and mild depression are becoming more common to the average person. I guess I’m trying to say that people spend ages in the gym lifting huge chunks of iron, yet they don’t specifically exercise their mind. You can say that lifting weights also exercises the mind, and it does to a small degree, but there’s so much better exercises that people should be doing. If you’d like to get started exercising your mind we can go over a few now.

Go to bed earlier

We’ll start with this one because it’s the easiest one to do, yet for some reason there’s too many people determined to fight tiredness and stay up as late as possible. They then have to wake up early for work and do the whole thing over again. Your body doesn’t try to tell you it’s tired to trick you. It’s not trying to play games with you. It’s actually telling you to go to bed because that’s what your body needs. It’s not rocket science. If you can hardly keep your eyes open then give into the temptation and have an early night.

Always go on holiday

When you’re off work you need to give your mind a chance to relax. It needs a vacation even if you don’t think you do. It doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars and go anywhere special on holiday. You could just as easily do it in your back garden. Go out each day and relax on a hammock. Go down to your local swimming pool and swim some lengths of the pool. Just don’t spend your whole vacation time running around after people and cleaning your home. Give your mind a break and it will recharge itself.

Do some mind training

There’s two types of mind training that everyone will be familiar with: meditation and self-hypnosis. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose. You can pick up a book on either one from Amazon and begin practicing right away. The only thing that matters is that you start doing one of them. Once you start training your mind you will notice everything changes. Suddenly you wake up one morning and it’s as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. There’s no stress in your entire body. Meditation and self-hypnosis are the best things you can do to exercise your mind, but they are the hardest to learn.

Pick up a new hobby

Sometimes we just need the chance to forget about everything and do something we love. Not enough people have a hobby, or the one they do have can only be done at certain times. Try out new things and find something you love. It can be anything in the world. Then when you come home at night you can just kick back and play around. Your mind will be free for as long as you’re having fun with your hobby and you can go back to thinking about work once you’re finished.

The author of the article, William Hughes, is a registered therapist. Through this article, he tries to explain mental exercise and its benefits. He recommends readers to visit krownhypnotherapy.com, specialist healing center for those suffering from stress and mental tension.