4 Tips to Help You Pick a Sauna


Are you tired of sweating it out at the local gym or health club? You no longer need to break the bank if you wish to recreate the sauna experience in the comfort of your own home. As saunas are becoming more popular home additions an increasing number of individuals are able to afford what was once viewed as a luxury.

Spend a number of weeks doing thorough due diligence before making your purchase. Traditionalists might prefer to go with the classic Finnish wood-burning model but more open-minded enthusiasts can buy electric, gas-powered or even infrared saunas to break a sweat in alternative environments. You can also buy models which provide with remote control options; you no longer need to leave the bench to pour water over a stack of rocks when it is time to turn up the heat.

Figure out How Much Space You Have Available

You might want to go big when purchasing a new sauna but being realistic prevents you from making a poor investment. Sure you want to invite the entire neighborhood over for a relaxing time spent in the hot house but if you only have a little bit of space available in your yard or home you will need to scale down your selections. Decide on how much space you are working with by measuring the dimensions of your proposed sauna spot.

Check Local Laws Before Making Your Purchase

If you plan to go the outdoor sauna route check local regulations before investing in your new addition. State and local building codes vary from location. You might be required to build in a particular area of your property, and do not forget that you might owe excess taxes on this addition to your home. If you are not in compliance with local laws you may be subject to a sizable fine so do your homework and avoid any sauna-related headaches down the road.

How Do You Plan to Use theSauna?

How do you intend to enjoy your sauna? If you are a social butterfly you might throw sauna parties during cold winter months, providing your family and friends with a warm, toasty alternative to traditional festive affairs. Social sauna types might invest in entertainment centers which can withstand extreme temperatures to entertain your crowd. If you want to take the sauna with you after a move consider buying portable models. Build a vision of how you wish to use your sauna before spending your hard earned money on a big ticket purchase.

Choose the Right Heating Option for You

Besides the traditional – and ever popular – wood-burning sauna you can now buy infrared, gas and electric powered saunas. If you like both traditional and infrared saunas consider what you most want in your new purchase.Infrared saunas offer you a cleaner, environmentally-friendly but more expensive option while the traditional wood-burning alternative remains popular among sauna buffs who grew up sweating it out in the custom Finnish sweat boxes.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a blogger and home leisure aficionado who wants to help you select the right sauna for your needs.