3 Vital Tips To Manage Dedicated Servers On Your Own

Vital Tips To Manage Dedicated Servers On Your Own

If your website receives a lot of traffic on a daily basis, you may be experiencing bandwidth speeds slowing down the system and being insufficient for the traffic flow. If this has been happening to you plenty of times, you should seriously consider hiring dedicated servers of your own. Amazing companies such as serverclub.com are ready to offer you this service at affordable rates. When leasing a dedicated server, you have the option of having a fully managed hosting service or your own host management. Regardless of the service you choose, the dedicated server will give you the control and flexibility that you cannot realize in a shared server. Since you may be new to this, it is vital to learn a few tips that will help you manage your system well. These include:

Select your management options carefully

With your own dedicated web servers, the hosting company will give you the option of managing your settings and information completely or allow you and your team to do the management on your own. Selecting the kind of service you want will depend on various factors including your level of expertise and time availability. Choosing an unmanaged service will only be suitable for your needs if your company has an in-house IT team dedicated to computer and internet functions. You should pick a fully managed service if you are a small business with little knowledge or experience with dedicated servers. It may mean paying a little extra but it will save you a lot of trouble and losses.

Pick bandwidth levels with Security and better speeds

For websites that especially receive high traffic, the ability to download and upload huge amounts of data is very crucial. That is why such websites need high amounts of bandwidth. If you are on a shared server, you will never know the exact amount of bandwidth available to you, and you will be affected by the traffic coming to the shared server. If your site happens to receive more traffic that it can manage, it will definitely crash. Furthermore, a shared server puts your site at great security risk since you are not the only client using the server. To solve these problems, you should move to a dedicated server. However, even with a dedicated server, it is vital to purchase sufficient bandwidth for your site so that you keep it running smoothly.

Choose a suitable server hosting company

The first step to managing your dedicated server effectively is to choose a suitable server hosting company that will meet all your needs. If you know that your site requires huge amounts of bandwidth, you should go for a company that offers unlimited bandwidth. If you have an IT team that is ready to manage all your dedicated server functions, then you ensure that the host company has unmanaged server services. Furthermore, the host company should offer uptime all the time, and should have excellent customer care available 24 hours a day seven days a week.