4 Android Apps for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

Android Apps for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

New apps are being added to the Google Play Store every week that target budding businesses and professionals. Here are some of the best rated and most useful apps for productivity, finance, project management, and more.

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PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro

Rating: 4.5

PocketCloud was developed by Wyse Technology, Inc, a top developer. The purpose of this app is somewhat self-explanatory: using your Android phone, this app allows you to access your desktop remotely. It’s sort of like carrying a briefcase around with you, which will come in handy for all of your off-site meetings and last-minute worries, such as “Did I CC that person in that email?” and “What was that idea I wanted to pitch to so-and-so?”


Rating: 3.4

The best way to describe Podio is to call it Facebook for a company. Just like a social network, you can keep track of events, write notes, and interact with co-workers and employees. The added bonuses of Podio are its vast project management capabilities that allow you to delegate tasks, and to-do lists, reward employees with “high fives”, and manage multiple campaigns.


Rating: 4.7

This app, developed by Intuit, is designed to make your free tax prep as easy and as smooth as possible by tracking your refund status. This is especially helpful for busy professionals filing a typical W2 or a quarterly-filing 1040 contractor.

TimeClock Time Tracker

Rating: 4.6

Entrepreneurs are constantly in and out of meetings, and sometimes it can be a tricky task to appropriate of your billable hours to the correct client. TimeClock lets you keep track of your full time work week (or easily more than full-time, if you own your own business) as well as creating invoices and Excel files to stay on top of your time allowances.

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