4 Things to Consider when Choosing a Carpet

Choosing a Carpet

are comfortable and warm cushions for the feet. They are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can reduce sound of foot traffic. However, it doesn’t mean you should rush into purchasing one for your home, as a slight overlook of simple flooring aspects can turn your house into an eye sore.

Choosing the best carpet for your home can be difficult, especially when there are different colors designs and materials. You might also encounter kinds which are specifically designed to only one particular part of a home. With that in mind, you should carefully think through a number of factors. Are you struggling to choose the perfect rug for your home? Read our AllHomeDecors.com guide to choosing the perfect rug for your space.

Fibre type

One of the most important factors you should look into is the carpet’s fibre, as it is a contributing influence to a carpet’s price, durability and lifespan. If you’ve decided poorly, you’ll end up with a carpet that is susceptible to damages which can cost more for replacement or repairs. To avoid this, you should match the fibre according to the foot traffic of a room. For instance, carpets made from nylon fibre should be used at the living room and along the stairs as it is more durable, soft and can withstand stains compared to other fibre types.


The color of the carpet should also be chosen carefully as it can greatly affect the overall look of the house. However, selecting the right palette can be tricky and confusing. Besides matching it to the wall and the furniture, you also have to consider if it is suitable to your household. For instance, if you have a pet you may want to move away from a lighter color.


As for the design, it depends on the style you want to achieve. If the walls of your home are in plain white, you may want to go with a pattern designed carpet. Consequently, a solid colored carpet is recommended if there is too much going on in the room. Also, carpets with patterns can also play with the space of the room; the larger the pattern is the smaller room will look.

Carpet underlay

You might have picked a durable carpet fibre and found the perfect color and design but it can all go down the drain if you have chosen an underlay which cannot support the weight of your carpet and high foot traffic. There are two kinds of you should choose from:

  • Rubber underlay – considered as the best underlay you should invest in. It is made from rubber for durability. It can even be reused when installing a new carpet. Unfortunately, it is the most expensive underlay you can find.
  • Foam underlay – if you can’t afford rubber underlay, select foam underlay. It is inexpensive and has the same durability as rubber underlay.

Keep in mind the underlay is responsible for a carpet’s softness, insulation and the ability to reduce noise from footsteps.

Choosing the right carpet for your home is crucial and shouldn’t be rushed. Always consider the fibre type, color, design and carpet underlay before making a purchase.