4 Tips to Take Care of Men’s Hair

Take Care of Men’s Hair

Contrary to popular belief, many men do care about their hair. Men notice gray streaks, bald spots and flakes more often than most individuals would care to admit. In order to take care of your hair properly choose the right hair style for you. Feeling good about how your hair looks can inspire you to take the necessary steps to maintain a healthy head of hair.

You can make every day a good hair day by committing to taking care of your hair. If you are motivated to prevent or slow down hair loss and want to feel better about yourself make small decisions daily to pay attention to your hair. For example, do not be in such a rush to dry your hair quickly after leaving the shower. Vigorously towel-drying your hair can result in increased hair loss. Gently dry yourself, go easy on brushing, try a nioxin system treatment and avoid hot settings while blow drying to prevent breakage. Treating your hair gently ensures that fewer hairs break or fall out.

Choose the Right Hair cut for you

Choosing the right hair style requires you to factor in variables, such as climate and your facial structure. Shaving your head for the first time during winter months can be a chilling experience. If you are going with the super short look wait until warmer months to acclimate your body to the extreme approach. Keep in mind that most of your body heat escapes through your head before you adopt the bald-look during a bitter cold snap.

Consider your facial structure before selecting a specific hairstyle. Someone possessing a square jaw might be better suited to style their hair in a short fashion while an individual with narrow, slighter features might wish to grow out their hair. Choose a style which compliments your facial structure to boost your self-esteem and remain motivated to take care of your hair.

Select the Proper Care Products for Your Hair

Using the wrong type of hair gel can create an undesired look. Your hair might be too thick for a certain brand of hair spray, or maybe your hair does not respond well to a specific type of shampoo. Carefully choose hair care products according to your hair type. Experiment with different brands to see which products work for you.

Take Care of Your Scalp

If your scalp becomes oily or too dry, you might have to deal with awkward dandruff problems.  Use a gentle shampoo daily to moisturize your scalp and prevent flakes. You can wear dark-colored shirts without having to look over your shoulder if you take good care of your scalp.

Trim Dead Ends

Get your haircut every 4 weeks to maintain the size and structure of your hair. Making frequent trips to the stylist or barber shop also helps you maintain a low-maintenance, low-fuss hair style.