4 Tech Skills Every Social Worker Should Master

Tech Skills Every Social Worker Should Master
While social workers largely interact with the other humans, they often interact with technology as well. The technology is not hard to work with and is quite simple.

Computer Tech Skills

Now more than ever records are being stored on the computer. Patient records need to have the highest level of security, and many people are turning to a computer rather than leaving the patient files not online.

It is ideal to know how to work the basic online functions of computer, and be able to adapt to a wide variety of browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Additionally it is also wise to know how to work Word and Open Office, as these are often used to type up reports about clients.

It is important to understand how to be secure online. Do not save your passwords on a computer that can be easily accessed by others. Make sure that your client files are locked securely whenever you are away from the computer so that nobody else is able to get into them.

Research Skills

It is important to understand how the computer works when researching something. Your clients may have a question you may not know, so it is important to know how to look things up. Google provides information in an instant. There are many other good places for information too. Do not hesitate to use medical journals and other online documents directed at medical professionals to ensure accuracy.

While you can look things up in books too, this may take more time. A computer can grant you access to hundreds of thousands in seconds. Not only can you look up information when your client has a question, you can find information for yourself as well if you need to know something. Good research skills are essential for any social worker.


Tablets are a great way to look up information on the go. They’re extremely affordable and can be picked up anywhere. They also contain many useful applications that social workers can use to look up information, such as medical information or medication questions. The ability to use a tablet is a great skill to have as it helps you look up information whenever you are on the go and can give you needed information wherever you are.

It is fairly easy to afford a tablet if your agency does not offer you one. If you are specifically looking for a tablet, make sure you do not purchase a tablet that is geared towards reading. Decide on your needs for a tablet; you may wish to have a large number of applications available for research or you may have alternative needs.

Ability to Use Social Media Websites

Social media websites are becoming extremely popular. They are a great way to connect with others and renew friendships. If used wisely, they are also a great way to present yourself with a positive online presence and connect to other social workers.

Sharon Crosby is a social worker and guest author at BestSocialWorkPrograms.com, where she contributed to the guide to the Top 10 Online Bachelor’s in Social Work Programs.