4 Strange Music Genres For The Music Extremists To Enjoy

Strange Music Genres For The Music Extremists To Enjoy

Certainly, music is versatile and diverse in nature as it is in its use. You can download music online and enjoy an infinite number of genres. www.iomoio.com is among the top sites for downloading music at affordable rates. All you need to do is sign up and create an account. You even receive two free songs for download. If you are a music extremist who is tired of listening to the same common genres, you need to expand your horizons. Here are some strange genres you can consider trying out:

Choral music

This kind of music involves a group of singers performing together. They are often known as the choir in church and as chorus in concert halls and theaters. All the members contribute different vocals to the group to form one unique sound. The members have to be in complete harmony, and the slightest mistake by one member can throw the whole group off and ruin the song. This genre gives you the benefit of experiencing different musical talent in one song and at the same time. You can download a choral mp3 song to have a taste of this genre.

Cybergrind (speed metal)

Speed metal, also known as cybergrind is a sub-genre of heavy metal that traces its origins back to the 1980s. In simple terms, many experts describe this music as abrasive, extremely fast and technically demanding. Earlier on, speed metal also had intense tempos but eventually toned down to thrash metal. If you are tired of the normal punk and pop rock that is all over in the airwaves today, you can try out this kind of music. You will not find Cybergrind in the downloading sites because technically it is not a genre. However, you will find it under speed metal.

Non-voc (Chill)

Non-voc or chill out music, simply called chill came into the scene during the 1990s, and involve mellow slow tempo sounds. To give you a good picture of this kind of music, consider Lounge, which is a sub-genre of Chill. This genre of music as well as the name of it was created by DJs in the 1990s that set up chill rooms off the edge of dance floors at the clubs. The purpose was to give patrons an opportunity to relax and take a break from the club’s hectic vibes. It has a high smoothing ability and can help you relax when you need to.

Hoomii Mongolian throat

If you are up for some traditional songs, nothing is as strange and unique as Hoomii Mongolian throat music from the Mongols. This genre is very different from traditional vocals. The music involves the production of two pitches at the same time that are distinctively audible. The mouths of the singers act like a filter producing a drone or low pedal note as well as high melodic notes. One singer can produce more than three notes at once, and one song can contain as little as ten words. This genre is definitely worth checking out.